Terms of Reference – NMITE Nominations & Remuneration Committee


Senior Post Holders’ Remuneration

  1. To ensure NMITE has a clear policy on senior staff remuneration (Band G and above) and associated procedures approved by the Board, which clearly aligns to NMITE’s strategic plan, and is aligned to NMITE’s commitment to equality and diversity. The policy should address the remuneration, benefits and terms and conditions of those designated as senior post holders taking account of affordability, equality of pay issues, comparative information on the remuneration, benefits and conditions of employment in the Higher Education sector and elsewhere as appropriate.
  2. To determine and oversee on behalf of the Board terms for those designated as senior post holders in accordance with NMITE’s policy on appointment, salary, benefits in kind, pension provisions, terms and conditions, performance, dismissal, severance or redundancy in line with external guidance from regulators.
  3. To agree and oversee the annual pay reward applied to those designated as senior post holders.

Other NMITE Staff

  1. To approve NMITE’s Remuneration Policy including the Remuneration of Senior Staff.

Other Matters

  1. To endorse the Chief Executive Officer’s objectives as proposed by the Chair of the Board and monitor performance against objectives.
  2. receive interim and end of year reviews of the performance against objectives of the Chief Executive Officer carried out by the Chair of the Board and, of the performance of the senior post holders carried out by the Chief Executive Officer and, to make a confidential report to the Board as appropriate.
  3. To consider and note matters of strategic significance concerning remuneration and other employment matters. This includes the recruitment, promotion and retention of senior staff as well as sector and/or legal aspects of HR practice.
  4. To approve and recommend to the Board the remuneration parameters for the reward package of the Chief Executive Officer when required.


  1. To be responsible for keeping under review the procedures for appointment or reappointment of Trustees, including changes in the number, composition or balance of interest represented on the Board, and making recommendations to the Board.
  2. To be responsible for the oversight of arrangements made for Trustee development, performance and training.


  1. To prepare an annual report to the Board of Trustees in line with the CUC HE Remuneration Guidance. The report to be made publicly available and included in the annual Financial Statement.
  2. To agree what information about the work of the NRC and executive award arrangements should be published on the NMITE’s webpages (in addition to the annual report incorporated into NMITE’s annual financial statements).
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