The NMITE Members' Advisory Council (MAC)

The NMITE MAC provides an engaged and effective means for ensuring the voices of NMITE’s members are heard in relation to NMITE’s purpose, principles, values and behaviours as set out in the Founding Declaration, and NMITE’s overall growth, development and direction. 

As an institutional pillar informing both NMITE’s Board of Trustees and its Academic Council, the MAC acts as a significant guardian of NMITE’s ethos, mission and values. The MAC acts generally as the voice of NMITE Members, being consulted as appropriate by the Board and the Academic Council, and by raising issues on its own initiative. 

More information on the MAC will be available as it comes into operation with the arrival of NMITE learners.

MAC Terms of Reference

(The Members Advisory Council Terms of Reference for 2020/2021 are currently undergoing their annual review and will be updated shortly.)

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