Validation and The Open University Partnership

Throughout this site and in our Guide for Applicants you’ll hear us mention our Validating Partner, The Open University.  The term “validating partner” is one you most likely won’t have come across before, but the history and concept of validation, and which organisation is providing validation, is something you should know and understand. So, we thought we’d take a minute to explain the term and its importance to you and introduce our validating partner – The Open University.

As you already know, NMITE is a new higher education provider, and one with a determination to build on the UK’s world-class educational provision, to listen to student needs and concerns, and to deliver a new and better higher education experience.  In short, we’ve boldly said we want to lead a revolution (and deliver revolutionary graduates).

Under the current system in the UK an education provider without degree awarding powers that wants to offer higher education programmes must have a validation agreement with a degree awarding body. Validation is the process where a degree-awarding body judges a module or programme developed and delivered by another organisation and approves it as being of an appropriate standard and quality to lead to one of its awards. The validation process is very rigorous and, rightly places you – your successful education, your welfare, your satisfaction – at the heart of this demanding process.    

Where does a revolutionary new provider like NMITE – one which is seeking to set a new and better path for the next generation of higher education provision – go to find a partner for validation?

When NMITE began the search for our validating partner, we hoped we would find a partner who had:

  • Experience – a partner which had validated multiple other providers, thoroughly understood the vast range of the government’s requirements, and had experience guiding and supporting partners through the validation process
  • Open-minded approach to educational delivery – a partner which was comfortable with the wide range of modern global educational practices, and which shares with NMITE the understanding that highly successful, new and different approaches to educational delivery are a highly critical part of helping our graduates be relevant in a global economy  
  • Highest level of scrutiny/quality – a partner who shares with us the fundamental belief that students should be at the centre of their learning experience and that the institution providing that learning should have the quality of the whole student experience as their number one objective. Period.
  • Spirit of innovation, values and partnership – a partner which, ideally through their own institutional experiences, celebrates innovation, and seeks to work together with their partners to deliver groundbreaking education, in an exciting and modern way, and to the highest quality standards. 

NMITE has found this partnership with The Open University. You can read about their deep experience with validation at the link above.  They have, throughout their time with us, guided us consistently, with an open mind, with shared vision and values, to achieve quality. They have been a true partner.

The result is NMITE – Now all we need is you!