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What type of institution is NMITE?

NMITE is a Higher Education Institution in the UK, based in Hereford, registered with the Office for Students. Our registration means that we have met the same rigorous requirements as all other Universities/registered providers, including those of the Quality Assurance Agency, and those of our validating partner, The Open University.

What degree is NMITE offering?

NMITE is initially offering one degree, a three-year accelerated Masters’ Degree in Integrated Engineering.  Read more about the degree here.

Why NMITE's MEng?

NMITE has a new and unique approach to engineering education. Find out more about The NMITE Difference.

How many students will NMITE admit each year?

Following the recruitment of our Pioneer Cohort this September 2021, NMITE will be welcoming up to 200 learner engineers each year for the next several years

When are your Open Days?

Due to the situation with Covid-19, NMITE will be conducting our “open days” on-line like many other institutions.  A full list of dates for these on-line sessions can be found through our Meet Us Online page. We hope you will join us!!

What are NMITE’s entry requirements for the MEng degree?

NMITE’s entry requirements and the Admissions process both vary from what you may be used to.  This is because we’re looking for students who can demonstrate personal resilience, curiosity and passion, as well as academic capability. We’re also keen to welcome those with the capacity to develop life-long learning skills and who value work-life experience. We welcome applications from both the A-Level (or equivalent) route, and also those whose background is more work-based/experiential. Find out more about our Application Process.

Do I apply to NMITE via UCAS?

NMITE has a Direct Application process. By making a Direct Application to NMITE, applicants will also be able to maintain their UCAS options.  Please note that our application and selection process has a number of stages which are designed to help you make the most informed choice about whether NMITE is the best 'fit' for you. Please visit NMITE’s Application Process for further information.

What is NMITE’s Recruitment and Selection process?

NMITE’s unique application process involves three different Stages: read more.

What are NMITE’s tuition fees for the MEng?

NMITE’s fees for UK Home students for our Accelerated MEng Degree, in our Pioneer Cohort, are £7,200 per year.  Fees for subsequent cohorts may differ and will be published as recruiting for future cohorts commences.

What student accommodation does NMITE have and how much does it cost?

Accommodation while studying at NMITE will be available in a mix of NMITE-approved and private, locally provided options. Prices will vary and details will become available on the Accommodation page of this site regarding prices and procedures. For NMITE-approved accommodation, your rental fee covers the cost of a single room with en suite toilet/shower room, access to social and cooking spaces, utility costs, broadband connectivity and basic contents insurance.  For further information, please see Accommodation. We also recommend that you calculate other costs by using any of the student cost calculators such as the UCAS Student Budget Calculator or the Which.UK Student Budget Calculator.

Are there bursaries and/or other financial support available?

Information on NMITE's bursaries, can be found by clicking here.

NMITE is committed to reducing the financial barriers to higher education by offering additional financial support for students facing hardship and/or from low income families. Please contact the Academic Registrar for further information. 

What does a typical year of study look like?

NMITE’s three-year accelerated MEng degree, as well as being a recognised degree, is designed to mimic what work life will be like for you after NMITE.  You’ll be learning in various engineering studios and the NMITE Engineering Factory, in most cases, 9-5:00, Monday through Friday. Occasionally, you and fellow learner engineers will have external visits with employer partners (most will join you in the studios). Evenings and weekends will normally be your time, and generally no “homework” will be assigned. The course runs for 46-weeks each year.  Read more here.

Who are the Academic Team at NMITE?

NMITE faculty come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Some are engineering professors, some come from engineering industry, and some come from a wide variety of other specialist professions including economics, geopolitics, culture, technology, ethics, design, the arts, humanities, finance, marketing and business.  All are enthusiastic educators who have a passion for teaching the NMITE way.  Meet the Academic Team here.

What Student Support Services are available?

NMITE’s great Student Support Services Team is here to make sure you have the best possible experience whilst studying at NMITE. If you’re considering applying to NMITE, please feel free to contact the Team at any time during your application process if you have questions or need more information about Life @NMITE.

What is it like to live and study in Hereford?

Hereford is a small but mighty city – and quite funky too! Read more here.

Where can I find information for Parents/Carers/Guardians?

As a parent, guardian, carer, or any other significant adult in a young person’s life who may be supporting them in their consideration of an application to study at NMITE, you will play an important role in helping them to make the right choices about their education and future career.

For more information, please read our Guide for Parents, Guardians and Carers.

I have another question – who can I ask?

You can ask any other question to the Student Support Team who are available between the hours of 9:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday and will be happy to help.

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