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NMITE’s Pioneer Cohort will consist of 100 learners who, as they complete their degree, will become the first NMITE Engineers. 

Beginning in September of 2021, the Pioneers will form our founding cohort and will receive a £4000 bursary within their first year of study.*

Like the original Design Cohort, the selection and enrolment of our NMITE Pioneers will be critical in ensuring that a strong student voice is established early in NMITE’s life, becoming a foundation stone in NMITE’s commitment to continuous evolution and improvement. This is a special opportunity, and our pioneers will always have a place at the heart of NMITE – as our first students, our first ambassadors, and our first alumni.  From the moment they arrive they will become part of the living memory of the institution. Their feedback and observations, critiques and commendations will be a critical source of input as NMITE starts its real journey.

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