Community-based Challenges (CBC)

Community-based Challenges enable students to apply and integrate their growing technical knowledge by giving back to the community while working with external partners on real, current engineering challenges. 

Concepts and Prototypes

Community-based Challenges consist of two consecutive engineering sprints based on tackling direct needs identified by the community. 

In the first part of the CBC, teams will act as a design consultant, presenting a conceptual solution to a partners’ need by applying creativity and evaluation techniques. The teams will then plan and work to deliver an externally designed prototype, satisfying their client’s requirements and taking into account practical and commercial constraints. 

Roles in these modules are assigned, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate individual responsibility, empowerment and accountability. 

The Community-based Challenges are designed to enable students to: 

  1. Extend, integrate and apply their technical knowledge; 
  2. Extend their experience of working in teams with external partners on real, current challenges; 
  3. Appraise the human, cultural, economic, business and aesthetic aspects of challenges, and integrate them fully in their solutions; 
  4. Develop their skills in systems integration, communication and project planning. 

Hear from one of our community partners...

The OHMI Trust is a charity that seeks to enable those with physical impairments to participate fully in music-making. Make a difference by working directly with community driven partners, such as The OHMI Trust, when you study real-world engineering at NMITE.