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If you think you're one of the world's challengers and pioneers, join us. We are educating a new generation of engineers whose diverse backgrounds give them the mindset to think - and work - differently.

Apply now to join NMITE in September 2022 and receive a bursary of £2,000 within your first year, regardless of your household income*.

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If you're looking to get a head start on becoming a work-ready, world-conscious engineer, then skip the queue and apply to join NMITE in September 2022. 

September 2022 direct applications now open. 

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Get a recognised engineering degree in a little over two years, making you a prime candidate for graduate employment programmes or postgraduate study.

September 2022 direct applications now open.

Entrance/Virtual tour

Virtual Campus Tour

Get a real taste of life at NMITE by taking a virtual stroll around our Blackfriars Campus HERE in Hereford.

Explore NMITE's Factory floor, get to know our studio spaces, and perhaps learn a thing or two about the NMITE learning journey whilst you look around too.

Dr Sarah Peers giving a presentation to some NMITE students

Open Days

We're inviting you to step inside our Blackfriars Campus and really get to grips with NMITE at our next open day event. Discover what makes us stand-out from other institutions, and be amongst the first to pioneer a new model of education, one that looks to create the next generation of work-ready and world-conscious engineers.

NMITE students enjoying some local food at Beefy Boys

Student Life - Here in Hereford

Explore your student life beyond studying. Discover more about Hereford and the natural beauty of the area, how our campus is conveniently located next to both public transport and rail systems; get a feel for our local night life and how your social life might look, and explore how you can make connections with our local community groups. 

Kim, member of the pioneer cohort


I like how the MEng course is structured, it feels like I’m coming to work because you study 9 to 5 and you have the project sprints to keep you really focused - You are constantly learning.

Kim Pickett, September 2021 Cohort
Abu, member of the Pioneer Cohort

To me NMITE is a blend of academic life and working in the field. I would say it’s reflective of the workplace whilst also keeping connection with the academic side of things. The course opens your eyes to look at the world from multiple perspectives.

Abu-Huraira Ishfaq, September 2021 Cohort
Daniel James, Explorer Cohort

I enjoy working in an environment that has strong ties to industry, everything we do feels worthwhile and purposeful.

With the 9-5 learning, I have a far better work-life balance than many of my peers who are studying in traditional higher education.

My current experience of NMITE has been amazing. It feels great to be part of such a new and exciting organisation where I feel appreciated and listened to.

Daniel James, January 2022 Cohort
Natasha Tait, January 2022 Cohort

For the first time since possibly my primary school, I’m excited to come in every day and learn. NMITE has exceeded my expectations, not only in their teaching but also in how active they are in seeking out feedback from students and acting on that feedback.

With the way NMITE’s course places a heavy emphasis on applying knowledge practically, I feel confident that I’ll be more than work-ready when I graduate.

Natasha Tait, January 2022 Cohort

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