The Founders of NMITE set out to design an institution that will transform forever how engineering is taught. You can help us identify and support a generation of new engineers by making a donation to NMITE today. 

  • £30 could give learners access to unlimited copies of one digital book, as well as buying a hard copy for the physical library. 
  • £60 could help to deliver a professional development workshop to a learner, so they can acquire essential workplace skills. 
  • £100 could pay for a distinguished visitor to travel to NMITE so they can inform learners about a current issue such as security, artificial intelligence or the environment. 
  • £500 could buy the specialist materials and resources that a final year learner needs to undertake their final project. 

If you would like to donate on line by credit card, please complete this form. If you would prefer to donate by cheque, CAF voucher or BACS transfer, please complete and sign this individual gift form and send to or post to the address below.

The Fundraising Team 
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