Your gifts make a tangible impact to the lives of students, the communities of Herefordshire, higher education and the world of engineering. In return we’ll provide extensive publicity opportunities for your business and your brand. 

Over £20m received in donations to date

More than 100 NMITE founders contributed over £1million to help take the NMITE project from idea to reality. And we’ve received over £19.3M from institutions. These generous gifts are helping us change the lives of our engineering learners and transform the UK engineering industry. 

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Engineering is at the core of life

From construction to communications; from fashion to furniture, engineering is what sustains us. It’s at the core of challenges that don’t yet have answers – from sustainable development to individual security; from biomedical engineering to Mars exploration; from robotics to emergency reconstruction. 

A new generation of engineers will support innovation and prosperity - but right now our engineers lack the right skills to tackle the challenges of our changing world. NMITE is ready to change this for future generations. And you can support our mission. 

NMITE's academic quality and distinctiveness

Make your gift go further with Gift Aid

If you're a UK taxpayer, your gift can be boosted by 25% through Gift Aid. This means that NMITE can claim 25p from HMRC for every £1 you give – at no extra cost to you. 

If you pay tax above the basic rate, you may get tax relief on the difference between the basic tax rate and the higher tax rate on the gross value of your gift (i.e., the value of your gift plus Gift Aid). 

For a £100 gift...

Your tax band20% (basic)40%45%
We claim from HMRC£25£25£25
Your tax relief0%20%25%
Total cost to you£100£80£75
Total gift value to NMITE£125£125£125


If your gift is large enough to reduce your taxable income to below the 45% threshold, then some of the gift will attract relief at 25% and some at 20%. Please visit for further information about Gift Aid. 

Other ways to give

From bandsaws to white boards, breakout rooms to robots, named professorships to unique library books, we need all the start-up things required to deliver our unique teaching and learning.  And it doesn’t need to be a cash donation, in-kind is great too.

Get in touch

You can get in touch using the form below with any questions you have. Alternatively, you can contact our Fundraising team directly: simply email or call +44 (0)1432 804543. 

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Partner with us

You can also play a real role in designing and delivering your future workforce’s education to ensure they meet your exact business needs from day one. Check out our NMITE partnership opportunities to find out more.

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