Explore sustainable and regenerative practices within the built environment on this short online course. You’ll address the underlying motivation for sustainable development and the interlinking issues of society, the economy and the environment. 

Discover how timber is a sustainable solution connected to broader concerns such as net zero, a circular economy and inclusivity. Consider how sustainable solutions require holistic and interdisciplinary approaches that can serve the future needs of people and the planet. You'll begin to see how to transform the built environment for a healthier future. 

Be confident in the quality and relevance of your learning – all of NMITE’s timber courses are endorsed by CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building), CIAT (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists) and TDUK (Timber Development UK).

Set the standard for change

Drive change in the construction industry, influencing sustainable solutions to help the UK reach net zero targets. Built environment professionals who can set the standard, behave ethically, and offer leadership – driving innovation, championing diversity and delivering quality - are central to delivering this plan (Chartered Institute of Building, 2023).

NMITE Timber TED students in CATT workshop
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Part-time online course

Live online sessions and a virtual learning environment

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Industry-relevant learning

The course is endorsed by CIOB, CIAT, and TDUK

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Real-world case studies

Work on real problems from real employers

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Taught by leading professionals

Combined academic and industry experience

Who's this course for?

This course is for those interested in sustainable construction. This could be construction project managers, planners, people working in policy or government, students, architects, architectural technologists, engineers, salespeople, designers, apprentices, and even carpenters who are keen to have a deeper or broader understanding of the role of sustainability in the built environment.

NMITE Timber TED student in workshop

What you'll learn

Understand the principles of sustainability and its relationship to the built environment. After completing the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Define sustainability and articulate its connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the built environment
  • Explain how the built environment can become more sustainable – explore some of the best examples from recent years
  • Identify methods and approaches for evaluating the sustainability of timber construction
  • Describe how environmental and regulatory policies affect industry practices, looking at both the positive and negative impacts that policies have on the built environment

Transforming the construction sector

Courses are designed (and delivered, where in-person learning is included) at our NMITE Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT). The centre is transforming the construction sector through world-class education, research and industry collaboration. CATT will play a crucial role in positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable construction, aligning with the climate emergency and UN Sustainable Development Goals, fostering expertise in modern methods of construction, and ensuring access to renewable resources.

NMITE Centre for Advanced Timber Technology

Course details

This course is delivered at level 4, which is equivalent to the first year of a degree. It equates to 60 degree-level credits and can contribute to the CPD credits required by several industry organisations.


  • Definitions and approaches to sustainability and sustainable development
  • Principles of sustainable construction
  • Policies and regulations relating to sustainability in the built environment
  • Tools for ensuring sustainable practices in timber construction
  • Technologies and systems to enable sustainable timber construction to be implemented at scale sustainability measures and criteria for real-world projects
  • Professional and global responsibility in implementing sustainable approaches

Duration, delivery dates and study modes

  • This course runs part-time across three weeks via online channels including live sessions as well as content in a rich virtual learning environment.
  • Course dates: 15 April – 3 May 2024 (you’ll receive access to the virtual learning environment and course tutor contact information on day one).
  • The course comprises of approximately seven hours of supported and independent work each week. This includes:
    • three live online sessions: Wednesday afternoons (2-4pm) – two hours each
    • five hours of independent study via the virtual learning environment.
    • access to course tutors for learning support between sessions

Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements. However, the course is most suitable for those with related professional experience or those undertaking some kind of built environment training or study. 

Assessment and feedback

The course is assessed through regular knowledge checks in the virtual learning environment and participation in the live sessions. Feedback is immediate through the virtual learning environment. 


  • £500 per learner; £300 for partner organisations
  • Or register for the Timber TED 1 bundle, including three courses, for £1,200


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Award-winning Timber TED bundles

Check out our Timber TED bundles, credited with the Accelerate to Zero Green Skills Award 2023. Endorsed by CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building), CIAT (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists) and TDUK (Timber Development UK), each course has been designed to provide you with comprehensive and flexible training to upskill and reskill for modern methods of timber construction.

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Course background

This course has been designed as part of the award-winning Timber Technology, Engineering and Design 1 short course, which is now offered as a set of standalone smaller courses specifically to meet the needs of industry. The online content has been reimagined to provide the learner with a better experience and the ability to manage the time dedicated to the course more effectively and efficiently.

The course supports the CIOB corporate plan 2023-28 to ‘equip CIOB members (individual and company) with the knowledge and skills to manage and deliver the construction process in environmentally sustainable ways’ and ‘to contribute tangibly to reducing the industry skills shortage across priority skills’. The course also perfectly sits within the Government’s Timber in Construction Roadmap.

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