We’re a breakthrough in UK university education. With no precursor organisation or parent institution, we’ve independently built a pioneering educational experience from the ground up. We stand proud in providing exceptional educational opportunities in engineering and technology for trailblazing students who want to change the world. 

Below you'll hear from James Newby, President and Chief Executive of NMITE, in this message of reflection, vision and prowess.  

James Newby, Chief Executive of NMITE

We're confident that NMITE's revolutionary engineering and technology degrees will set the precedent for educational institutions throughout the UK, and possibly even the world, for generations to come.

James Newby, President and Chief Executive, NMITE 

    The NMITE Difference

    We take pride in celebrating ‘The NMITE Difference’ and being regarded as a game-changing institution. Our students tackle real-world problems. They work with real employers. They enjoy hands-on degrees. Our aim? To ensure they graduate career-ready. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to NMITE. 

    NMITE students grouped together taking a photo in the studio of their mechatronics module outcome

    NMITE mission and vision

    • Mission: To produce work-ready, world-conscious engineers who are creative, responsible global citizens focused on the social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues affecting the 21st century. 
    • Vision: To be a leader of change in education. Our breakthrough interdisciplinary model of higher education will equip students with the diverse and creative problem-solving skills needed in an ever-changing world.  We’ll deliver lasting impact, as we contribute to the civic life of the county, and our programmes will provide new opportunities for enhanced learning, career development and upskilling throughout the UK. 

    NMITE values

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    Grit and determination

     We demonstrate the power to see things through

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    We respect every individual; every voice is equally important  

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    Creative and learning

     We test the boundaries of existing practice

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     We're respectful, but also honest and straightforward

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    We encourage scrutiny and welcome questions from each other

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    We advance our mission and aims and challenge what doesn’t align

    Engineering a New Future: Strategic Plan 2023-2028 

    Our ability to realise our mission and vision through this strategy is in most part down to the unwavering support of our partner organisations, generous donors, committed academic staff and professional service specialists and, of course, our pioneering students.

    Five aims in five years

    These aims fortify all that we do, every sub-strategy we create, everything we measure and monitor, and every outcome we seek to deliver. 

    Aim 1: Academic quality and distinctiveness

    We'll give our students a university experience that is both challenging and rewarding - fostering practical skills, life lessons and engineering excellence. Our programmes will be regularly updated, emphasising experiential learning opportunities which draw on our engineering expertise. 

    By 2028 we’ll have taken great steps towards independently awarding our own degrees. 


    NMITE integrated engineering student doing 3D design on a laptop

    Aim 2: Inclusive cohorts and successful students

    We’re committed to creating new pathways into degree-level engineering and technology through unique pedagogical approaches and support structures. We’ll attract more students who might not normally consider a career in engineering but have attributes such as resilience, determination and imagination.  

    We pledge a minimum of £500k per year in bursaries to encourage female students, and those from local communities or underprivileged backgrounds into university-level study. 

    NMITE integrated engineering students working together on a project

    Aim 3: Partnering for impact

    We’ll be a beacon of regional innovation and collaboration - where industry partners join forces with academia to create cutting-edge curricular challenges to give hands-on experience, making sure that every student is ready for what’s next in their career.   

    Our students will be highly sought after, receiving offers from prestigious engineering brands before they even graduate. 

    Students in a studio observe oxford dynamics and their robot dog in action

    Aim 4: Operational and financial sustainability

    We’ll solidify our reputation as an academic centre of excellence and cultivate a stimulating and supportive learning environment. We’ll build the foundations needed to consistently deliver academic distinctiveness. We’ll be resilient, able to withstand headwinds, and adapt to the unexpected. 

    Our investment in skills and infrastructure will make us an employer of choice, offering favourable employment terms and an inspirational education proposition. 

    NMITE's academic quality and distinctiveness

    Aim 5: Skills for the future of work

    To revolutionise the world of work, we’ll equip the future workforce with advanced skills that help address the chronic skills shortage throughout the UK. Going beyond just preparing applicants for jobs, our programmes will embed cutting-edge capabilities which prepare our learners to join this ever-evolving society.  

    We’ll be a leading provider of innovative training opportunities at our Skills Foundry, creating impact for employers while strengthening ties between educational institutions, partners and clients. 

    NMITE student working on a project for their BSc Sustainable Built Environment degree

    NMITE is Herefordshire’s greatest opportunity in terms of levelling up our local economy, re-purposing our towns and cities and enabling social mobility within our communities.

    Paul Walker, CEO, Herefordshire Council 

      Meet NMITE's Senior Leadership Team

      Our Senior Leadership Team are pivotal to empowering our staff to help us fulfil our mission and vision, and embed our values.

      Two NMITE students working on a computer alongside one of NMITE's academic team

      A culture of inclusion

      Our commitment to you –  is to champion a positive and inclusive culture. We advocate for mutual respect in all that we do, for each other, and for the values, beliefs and differences we all hold.  

      Clearing 2023 guide for parents

      Becoming NMITE

      NMITE has challenged everything in existing higher education, except for one very important thing – quality. We are, by design, a (politely) disruptive game changer!