We’re a growing revolution and UK breakthrough in university education. Our degrees have been purposefully designed, from conception to creation, to be different. The difference? Preparing our students to be confident, skilled, world-conscious and employable.   

So whether your students are thinking about studying engineering or technology degrees at university, exploring different post-school or college options, or simply want to know more about related subject or career choices, we’re here to support them on their way. 


Partnerships with over 300 local, national and international schools and colleges

Creating a new way to learn

We've flipped traditional education on its head, dropped the lecture theatres and traditional exams, and made way for hands-on studio learning, with impressive amounts of contact time. Why? To replicate the real world. Welcome to a new way of learning. Welcome to NMITE. 

Telford college at an NMITE outreach event

NMITE outreach resources and activities

Our outreach programmes unveil the breadth of engineering and technology as subject choices. They promote our unique inclusive approach, and inspire those who are drawn to related careers. We show young people how they can make a difference in our challenging and changing world. 

And there’s no better time than now. The right kind of engineers are needed to find solutions to some of our world’s most pressing sustainability challenges, yet significant skills shortages exist.  

Our recent research, conducted in collaboration with the Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC), reveals that giving engineering greater visibility in schools will take us a big step forward, preparing future generations to make the difference we need. 

Contact us to discover how you can get involved. 

NMITE Ingenuity Studios

Our innovative Ingenuity Studios initiative spread the word. Over 2,500 students from 301 schools got inspired about engineering and university-level study. How? Through immersive hands-on challenges set in our refurbished shipping containers, kitted out with high-tech lab-style equipment and more. Contact us to explore what we can offer your school or college.

Barnhill High school students at NMITE Ingenuity Studios outreach event

Get in touch

The best way to get started is to contact our Schools Outreach team. We'll work with you to develop the right programme for your school or college. Simply email schoolsoutreach@nmite.ac.uk