What if you could shape the way today’s engineers are educated to meet your biggest future business challenges? What if the graduating engineers you hire could be beyond simply ‘work ready’? What if you could hire real game changers, ready to create the impact you need from day one? 

Well, NMITE engineers will be game changers. Our qualifications are designed to ensure they’re work ready, challenge-ready, team-ready and success-ready. Partner with us today to shape their skills and graduate pathways. 


industry partners across NMITE degree programmes 

Invest in your future

Make a difference – to a new engineer, to engineering education, to our world and to your business. And as an NMITE partner, we’ll provide you with branding opportunities, website links and media publicity – to help get your business in front of your markets. 

  • Grow your future workforce - shape our curriculum, provide learning resources and host work placements  
  • Grow innovative solutions - provide real-world challenges and host student projects 
  • Grow brand awareness – make the most of a range of sponsorship opportunities 
NMITE integrated engineering student doing 3D design on a laptop

By combining our industry expertise with NMITE's innovative curriculum, we can empower the next generation of engineers to excel in practical skills and meet the evolving demands of the construction industry.

Paul Raby, HR Director, Balfour Beatty Group

    Shaping graduate talent

    Visicon, leading provider of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, is sharing its expertise with students studying our Engineering Control Systems module, while gaining innovative solutions from students to help unlock data to achieve better outcomes. By providing the next generation of engineers with hands-on projects, Visicon is helping to produce the future graduate talent it and the broader industry needs.  

    Peter Jelf, Founder and Director of Visicon with Visicon branding in the background

    Our current partners

    Our partners play a pivotal role in molding our degree programs to match their skill demands, guaranteeing access to the graduate talent they seek. They actively contribute skills and present practical challenges to enhance student learning, leveraging the innovative solutions generated by students to tackle their crucial business hurdles. 

    The NMITE graduate difference

    Our degrees have been purposefully designed, from conception to creation, to be different. The difference? Preparing graduates to be confident, skilled and outstandingly employable - ready to make a tangible difference to your business.   

    How are NMITE engineers different?

    Our degrees are designed to ensure our graduate engineers are beyond work ready. Here’s what that means: 

    • Recruited to study at NMITE because of their grit, curiosity and passion, our graduates are individual thinkers who understand the details and the context in which they sit.  
    • They’re challenged by (and relish) complexity. They love to adapt and are good at leading others through change.  
    • NMITE engineers study and experience global challenges as a key part of their curriculum, including in areas of security, health, energy, sustainability, food production and infrastructure. 
    • They’re lateral thinkers with core hands-on experience, and they’re integrated - not only with multiple engineering disciplines, but also with real-world context and practicalities. 
    • Working via a ‘learn-by-doing' curriculum based on real-world challenges, they possess outstanding problem-solving, project management, communication and collaboration skills.  
    • And if you become an NMITE Partner, they’ll learn about and work with the unique opportunities and needs of your particular business and industry. 

    For commercial partners

    Imagine if you could play a real role in designing and delivering your future workforce’s education to ensure they meet your exact business needs from day one.  Get involved today.

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    For third sector partners

    Our students want to find solutions to pressing global development challenges. And we’re teaching them to do exactly that. Partner with us today to shape their learning.   

    NMITE Skills Hub

    For the community

    Our students regularly engage with the community – volunteering is part of learning and leisure time. Discover how our students can help you achieve what you need to.   

    Future automation
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    Become an NMITE donor

    Your gifts make a big impact to the lives of NMITE students and the world of engineering. In return, enjoy publicity opportunities for your brand. 

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    Join a Community of Practice

    We connect and collaborate with organisations facing similar engineering challenges, sharing expertise to design and develop viable solutions. 

    NMITE Skills Hub

    Hire an NMITE Consultant

    Our engineering consultants can help you tackle your pressing challenges. From 3D prototyping to production efficiency and everything inbetween.

    Become an NMITE Partner

    Partnership with NMITE is fun and exciting.  We actively recognise your support with your logo on NMITE promotional materials, with links to your website, and through publicity opportunities shared with the wider public. And the best part is you get to meet and work with NMITE engineers! If you’re thinking of becoming a partner, please tell us how you’d like to share the news and encourage others to #bepartofit.

    Please reach out to partnerships@nmite.ac.uk for any questions you may have.

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