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Academic Calendar

Interested in joining NMITE in September 2023? You've come to the right place for information about NMITE's term dates and how your future course will run. The following dates are for students joining NMITE in September 2023. For current students, please head to MyNMITE for up to date information. 

Term Dates - 2023/24

Autumn Term 2023
Monday 4th September 2023 - Friday 15th December 2023
Spring Term 2024
Wednesday 3rd January 2024 - Friday 22nd March 2024
Summer Term 2024
MEng Standard/BEng Standard/Foundation: Monday 8th April 2024 - Friday 24th May 2024
MEng Accelerated/BEng Fast-track:  Monday 8th April 2024 - Friday 26th July 2024
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