Engineering a New Future

Strategic Plan 2023-2028

NMITE - a breakthrough in UK university education. With no precursor organisation or parent institution, the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) has independently built a pioneering educational experience from the ground up.

Strategy for Success

We have come a long way since our inception and in our mission to engineer a new future. We are now firmly established in delivering distinctive educational programmes in which our students and industrial partners collaborate to solve key challenges currently faced by our ever-changing world.

Driven by passion and our commitment to innovation, we are paving a remarkable path as an independent institution. We stand proud in providing exceptional education opportunities in engineering and technology for trailblazing students across Herefordshire, the nation and from around the world.

We responded with resilience and ambition to the early challenges of launching during a pandemic, successfully securing registration as a new Higher Education provider and validation of our first and flagship Undergraduate Master's Degree in Integrated Engineering. Since then we have grown,  creating a specialised portfolio of courses that we will continue to develop. We’ve created two state-of-the art campuses in Hereford and recruited dedicated academic staff and professional service specialists to run them – this is testament to our unwavering commitment to providing quality education. 

This ambitious five-year strategy outlines what we will achieve, and where we’ll be in 2028 after this next chapter in our story.

Engineering the future in UK education

Our name, particularly the word “New”, was and is a constant reminder of our place in higher education. We never intended to be like other universities, we take pride in celebrating ‘The NMITE Difference’ and being regarded as a game changer. 

Hear from James Newby, President and CEO, of the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering in this message of reflection, vision and prowess. 

NMITE student working on a project for their BSc Sustainable Built Environment degree

Our Mission

To produce work-ready, world-conscious engineers who are creative, responsible global citizens focused on the social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues affecting the 21st century.

Our Vision

To be a leader of change in education. Our breakthrough, interdisciplinary model of higher education will equip students with the diverse and creative problem-solving skills needed in an ever-changing world.  We will deliver lasting impact, as we contribute to the civic life of the county, and our programmes will provide new opportunities for enhanced learning, career development and upskilling throughout the UK.

NMITE student working on a project for their BSc Sustainable Built Environment degree

Engineering a New Future

Strategic Plan 2023-2028 

Our ability to realise our mission and vision is in most part down to the un-wavering support of our stakeholders, partner organisations, generous donors, committed academic staff and professional service specialists, and of course, our pioneering students. 

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Download and read NMITE's full strategic plan, or explore below to discover our five aims for the future.

Five Aims in Five Years

Our vision will come to life through our five core aims.

These aims fortify all that we do, every sub-strategy we create, everything we measure and monitor, and every outcome we seek to deliver.

NMITE's academic quality and distinctiveness

1) Academic quality and distinctiveness

We give our students a university experience that is both challenging and rewarding. On our journey to 2028, our programmes will continue to be regularly updated, emphasising experiential learning opportunities which draw on our engineering expertise and align to our mission, to ensure they reflect the values of our core philosophy. These learning experiences foster practical skills as well as valuable life lessons; they are underpinned by engineering excellence. By 2028, we aim to be well on the way to being a university with the power to independently award degrees.

NMITE inlusive cohorts and successful students

2) Inclusive cohorts and successful students

We are committed to creating new pathways into degree-level engineering and technology. Our pedagogical approaches and support structures will provide students with the essential tools, resources, and services needed for success — not only on our programmes, but in their future lives too. We will attract more students who might not normally consider a career in engineering but have attributes such as resilience, determination and imagination. 
We will have a diverse student community by 2028 that embraces differences; our students will be empowered to form a successful Students’ Union with sector-leading activities, volunteering opportunities and support services. We pledge a minimum of £500k per year in bursary and scholarship support to encourage female students, and those from local communities or underprivileged backgrounds to give equal opportunity access.

“The NMITE engineer is different. They solve problems, lead teams, and work together. They do things that are right and responsible, and they will deliver lasting positive impact.”

- James Newby, President & Chief Executive

NMITE partnering for impact at a local sawmill

3) Partnering for impact

By 2028, NMITE will become a beacon of regional innovation and collaboration — where industry partners join forces with academia to create cutting-edge curricular challenges to give hands-on experience, making sure that every student is ready for what’s next in their career. Together with this network of partners, we will build a brighter future, by emboldening learners through a pioneering curricula. Our students will be highly sought after, often receiving offers from prestigious engineering brands before they even graduate. Our Advanced Engineering Centres and joint programmes with external collaborators won’t just benefit the region, they’ll define it.

NMITE Centre for Advanced Timber Technology

4) Operational and financial sustainability

By 2028, we will have solidified our reputation as an academic centre of excellence and cultivated a stimulating and supportive environment for students. We will build the sound foundations and long-term platform needed to consistently deliver academic distinctiveness. We will be resilient, able to withstand headwinds, and adapt to the unexpected.
We will be financially sustainable with support from our major donors. Our strategic investment in skills and infrastructure will make us the preferred destination for change-makers. We will be an employer of choice thanks to our favourable employment terms combined with an inspirational education proposition.

Image credit: Bond Bryan

NMITE students working in the Centre for Advanced Timber Technology

5) Skills for the future of work

To revolutionise the world of work in our region, we will equip the workforce of today and tomorrow with advanced skills that promise a brighter future and help address the chronic skills shortage throughout the UK. Going beyond just preparing applicants for jobs, our programmes strive to embed cutting-edge capabilities which open up new perspectives and prepare our learners to join this ever-evolving society. In line with these ambitions, by 2028 we aspire to be a leading provider of innovative training opportunities at our Skills Foundry, creating impact for employers while strengthening ties between educational institutions, partners and clients from all sectors.

NMITE's Access and Participation Plan
NMITE's Access and Participation Plan

Our Community

By 2028, we will have a diverse community of students, well populated by groups typically under-represented in engineering education and the professions.

Our students will be:

  • building meaningful relationships with industry-leading employers, through inspiring partnerships and real world projects
  • proactively contributing to their local communities through a variety of worthwhile extra-curricular activities to help develop invaluable skills and foster positive relationships in the surrounding area 
  • distinguished by their bold ambition, respect for where they come from, and openness to new ideas, and recognised for their characteristics as global citizens
  • proudly acting as citizens of the county and viewed as such by residents, and 
  • mindful leaders, team players and advocates for sustainability and diversity who are open-minded and considerate of consequences.

Our alumni will be enjoying successful careers and be generously contributing back to the institution and the next generation of NMITE students.

Our academic community will be “thought leaders” in new models of engineering education, evidenced by the external outputs they produce.

Our academic and professional services staff will: 

  • work alongside industry partners in delivering programmes, projects and skills courses, and 
  • work with high levels of flexibility, and by their influence in the sector.

By 2028, NMITE will be an employer of choice for experienced and talented academic staff —attracting them from traditional institutions and industry.

"NMITE is Herefordshire’s greatest opportunity in terms of levelling up our local economy, re-purposing our towns and cities and enabling social mobility within our communities."

Paul Walker, 
CEO, Herefordshire Council

Our Infrastructure

In 2028, our estate will:

  • be sustainable – all new buildings will be built to the highest environmental standards
  • include locations throughout the city and county, with sites selected in tandem with Herefordshire Council’s development plans, and 
  • provide high-quality dedicated housing for students, fit for their purposes and in partnership with other educational providers.

Our students will act as ambassadors for sustainable living, contributing to city projects for sustainable transport.

By 2028, NMITE will be:

  • award-winning for academic distinctiveness and quality
  • financially sustainable with income from tuition fees and other commercial activities
  • proudly rooted in, and associated with, the city and region, playing an active role in the civic life of the vibrant university city, with facilities outside Herefordshire, and
  • trusted and consulted by employers seeking to prepare themselves for future skills needs.

Our Advanced Engineering Centres will provide a hub for partnership activity and deliver a range of programmes in partnership with other institutions, employers and industry. We will be a “skills hub” — constantly horizon scanning the future skills landscape and developing innovative interventions to prepare the workforce for the changing world of work.

Hereford City. The Cathedral, River Wye and Left Bank Village are in view

Future gazing

The NMITE of 2028 is a shining example of success: confident, proudly rooted in its region and contributing to its civic life, with hundreds of students studying on a range of courses and enjoying NMITE’s distinctive approach to learning. 

Our graduates out in the world exemplify our values and demonstrate their skills in their exciting professional engineering careers. 

We’ve extended beyond our original city base by operating sites across the county — making an impact within each community we serve and adding layer upon layer of value for students who come through this institution’s doors. 

Our highly talented academic staff are among some of the brightest minds known in both higher education and engineering technology from all over the world.

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Hereford City. The Cathedral, River Wye and Left Bank Village are in view
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