NMITE – a vision of tomorrow.
The future
of engineering.
Inclusive, creative, passionate.
A totally new way of learning.
Nestled in the heart of Hereford.

Impact: Global
Feel: Local

A Revolution in Higher Education

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Being at NMITE and working with our team is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We’re lean, agile, and work in cross-functional teams. We break new ground daily (and not just for buildings). Each task is different, and never without challenges. The list of To Do’s is endless, and most solutions have to be pretty creative.

But the job satisfaction is amazing, and you’ll never be bored.

We’re looking for people who can work independently and within teams. So, the best fits for us are the rebels, challengers and dreamers with a real drive to change education for the next generation.

Sound like you?

Schools Outreach

Bringing engineering to life

Our Values

Respect, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


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