Terms of Reference

  • To oversee compliance with the Office for Students (OfS) conditions of Registration relating to academic standards and quality.
  • To oversee compliance with the Validating partner’s requirements for oversight and reporting.
  • To advise the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive, and the Board on all matters relating to compliance with UK Higher Education duties, policies, regulations and requirements, the maintenance of academic standards and the assurance and enhancement of the quality of all NMITE courses.
  • To maintain strategic oversight of NMITE's compliance with all Higher Education sector duties, policies, regulations, and requirements and respond as appropriate.
  • To advise the Board on all matters relating to academic freedom and freedom of speech.
  • To receive and consider correspondence from regulatory bodies and designated agencies, awarding institutions and awarding bodies and to provide advice and guidance to the Board to ensure that it responds appropriately.
  • To maintain strategic oversight of academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities available to students for all NMITE courses.
  • To make recommendations to the Board for the development of new courses and curriculum areas and to monitor progress against agreed timescales *.
  • To oversee any application by NMITE for New Degree Awarding Powers and receive regular reports on progress from the Chief Academic Officer.
  • To approve NMITE's submissions for the TEF and to review and report to the Board on the outcomes*.
  • To approve, keep under review and monitor the effectiveness of all academic policies and procedures including but not limited to those related to curriculum development and review, admissions, learning and teaching, student support, student progression, quality assurance, and all other policies related to the assurance of standards and quality and to report to the Board in respect of the same.
  • To agree annually NMITE’s academic key performance indicators, including but not limited to enrolment, retention, progression, achievement and outcomes from student surveys.
  • To review annually NMITE’s performance against the KPIs and the action plans, as appropriate, put in place to address any issues arising.
  • To consider reports on the management of, and outcomes from, the annual UK National Student Survey (NSS) *.

* To commence at the appropriate timescales – e.g.: NSS upon completion of the first cohort of students.

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