Professor David Oloke

David Oloke, David Oloke, Chief Academic Officer and Professor of Civil Engineering
Chief Academic Officer and Professor of Civil Engineering

In early 2024, Professor David Oloke joined NMITE, recognised as a distinguished leader in both academia and engineering, David’s most recent tenure was at the University of Brighton, where he held the senior role of Head of Technical Education and Apprenticeships. Prior to his time at Brighton, David made significant contributions at the University of Wolverhampton, within the School of Architecture and Built Environment, as well as in the engineering sector. This diverse background enables him to bring a valuable blend of higher education innovation and hands-on experience to NMITE. 

David's expertise lies in strategic leadership, where he has excelled in steering higher technical education initiatives. His contributions encompass programme planning, development, and delivery - showcasing great understanding of the educational landscape. David's impact extends to the creation of multiple engineering and built environment courses, along with notable involvement in transnational education and postgraduate research degrees. 

As a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Construction Manager, David's professional credentials are underlined by his Fellowship status at both the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Building. David has also recently been accredited as a PFHEA (Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)

His commitment to the field is evident in various editorials, such as one addressing the resilience and responsiveness of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. Additionally, he has delved into the profound effects of the pandemic on the sustainable built environment. Through his insightful writings and extensive experience, David continues to shape the landscape of engineering education, leaving an impressive mark on the industry.