What we need to be connected

We will invest in the local environment, integrating NMITE’s future with the community. By building new assets and deeper connections, we plan to ignite economic, cultural and social benefits for everyone.

Connecting communities through knowledge

Our vision is to bring NMITE knowledge and creativity inside the current public library. We want to re-imagine a shared space and wide ranging and interactive resources for NMITE learners, staff and partners to share with the community and wider visiting public.

Connecting pupils to their potential

NMITE is designed to connect and to share. With initial funding of £500,000, our Ingenuity Studios let school students get hands-on with engineering. They can use resources and materials, such as solar energy cells and carbon fibre, that would otherwise be too expensive for a regular school setting. The studios have already been used by thousands of pupils across the UK from over 430 schools who wouldn’t usually be able to explore the exciting and endless possibilities of engineering.

Connecting learners with their community

Working together with the local community, our shared ambitions for innovative higher education, and its impact on the region, will drive transformative progress across Herefordshire and the Marches. 

A sense of place and community collaboration is integral to our shared success, to the life lessons we will impart, and to ensuring learners feel proud to be citizens of Hereford and as they go on to become part of something bigger than NMITE.

Bringing together our library and resource spaces, Academic Skills Centre, Engineering and Innovation Centre and our Teaching and Learning Institute, we will establish a business and community hub to be known as The Foundry. It will be an integrated set of spaces, activities, resources, learning opportunities and experiences, freely available to local businesses, employers, residents and the community.

Connecting people to opportunity

We want NMITE people to be the customers, employers, employees and business owners of the region’s future. By 2024, we will have created over 1,000 high quality living spaces for our learners within the city centre. We’re adding to the local economy right now and, through ongoing collaboration with local partners, we will ensure it always works in harmony with and for the benefit of the community.

Everything we do will benefit the community as much as NMITE. Because when we’re connected, we can all win.

What we need

To strengthen our connections, we’re focusing on funding the shared resources that elevate the community and beyond. Specifically, we need:

Ingenuity Studios

We need £150,000 a year to regularly funding the operations of the Ingenuity Studios allowing us to reach even more schools.

The Foundry

We need £10 million of investment to bring The Foundry to life, developing the Engineering, Innovation Community and Business Hubs.

NMITE Library

We need £1 million to redevelop the Library, including redesigning and refitting spaces, supplying a new IT infrastructure, ensuring accessibility for all, and supplying brand new shared resources for NMITE learners and the wider Herefordshire community.