What we need to be sustainable

We expect people who learn with us to be future leaders in industry, playing pivotal roles in our changing world. From individual, to community, to global, we plan for NMITE to deliver sustainability in new and exciting ways.

We’ve already secured investment of £2.3 million to repurpose our Blackfriars site. It’s a great example of a transformational learning environment. But we still need investment for the campus construction and fit out, bringing new buildings online, and acquiring new sites for future growth. 


Sustainable living through timber (CATT)

Working with employers, industry and trade organisations, and responding directly to the urgent need to use more sustainable materials in construction, we have developed a speciality in timber technology and already attracted £4 million in funding to establish a world-leading Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT), and a further £3 million to develop new programmes to be delivered in the Centre.  

With over 300 Degree Apprenticeships and CPD opportunities each year, the CATT will deliver leading specialists in sustainable alternatives and integrate the needs of local businesses, suppliers and the construction industry.

The Centre for Automated Manufacture (CAM)

With £3 million of funding from Government already secured, we’re developing the CAM to support the region’s economic strengths and keep it at the heart of UK industry. The CAM will allow businesses to learn about automation, digitisation, cleaner growth and smarter engineering solutions. With a CAM Apprenticeship Degree in Engineering, as well as CPD courses, we’ll keep the region competitive, productive and in demand.

The Centre for Future Skills (CFS)

We’re designing a transformative learning space and industry-leading facilities that will ensure NMITE and lifelong learners gain unrivalled practical, professional and cognitive skills from leading global experts. Focussing on bringing future technologies together with modern business needs, we will develop practical work-based CPD courses, enabling employers and their workforce to take full advantage of industrial innovations in real-world situations, including smart manufacturing, the industrial internet of things, A.I. and cloud computing.

Upskilling and reskilling

As the world constantly evolves, focusing on lifelong learning ensures we have the right skills to keep our competitive edge. We’re determined to deliver a CPD programme that tackles real world demands across digital, data, workforce management and development. Right now we have support from leading companies including Virgin Media, Severn Trent Water and Schaeffler Group, already helping us upskill the region.

What we need

Transformational learning spaces

We’re investing £31 million in developing the spaces and resources for our learners at Skylon Park. This is what we need:

Centre for Advanced Timber Technology - we need £4 million

  1. The building: we’ve already secured over £4 million, and now need an additional £3 million
  2. Equipment and software: we’ve raised £4.2 million and now need £1 million
  3. Courses and content: we’ve raised the £3 million we need

Centre for Automated Manufacture - we need £8.1 million

  1. The building: we’ve raised £3 million, and now need £3.6 million to complete it
  2. Equipment and software: we've raised £2.7 million, and need £1.5 million to finish the fit out
  3. Courses and content: we need to raise £3 million to develop all content and courses

Centre for Future Skills - we need £7 million

  1. The building: we need to raise £3 million
  2. Equipment and software: we need to raise  £1 million
  3. Courses and content: we need to raise £3 million