Fees & Financial Support

We recognise that higher education is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. 

At NMITE we’re dedicated to broadening diversity and access to students who undertake the study of engineering.  Tuition fees for NMITE’s accelerated Undergraduate Master’s Degree for the Pioneer Cohort are £7,200 per year*. It is important to remember that you’ll be spending less on tuition fees and costs as you will be graduating with your MEng, and able to enter the world of work, in three years, a year less than at traditional universities. 

For NMITE's Fast Track Bachelors' (Hons.) Degree the tuition fees are £7,200 per year*. Much like our MEng programme, you will be graduating in two years and two months rather than the usual three years. Meaning you will graduate ten months sooner than at traditional universities.

Our Fundraising Team is working all the time to add to our resources to assist students facing hardship and students for whom financial support might make the difference in enrolling at NMITE. If you would like to discuss, in confidence, the financial support that might be available, please contact the Finance Support Team and a member of the team will be in touch.

The two main costs you will face as an undergraduate student are tuition fees and living expenses**.  If you require financial support, you are encouraged to apply first for financial support via the Student Loans Company and then to reach out to NMITE if additional support is needed.  If you are a self-financing student, details on when and how to pay your fees can be found here.

* Fees are determined by UK Government Policy and are subject to annual review. If you are considering applying to study at NMITE in subsequent years, fees will be confirmed and published on our website in the months leading up to each recruitment/admissions period. BEng Proposed fee. Subject to an approval decision by the OfS.

** More information will be available on MyNMITE for support with Budgeting, Top Tips for Spending Less, How to Spend Safely, and support with money worries.  It is important that your time at NMITE should not be overshadowed by unnecessary financial worries and the Student Support team can help you to resolve problems or concerns relating to your finances during your time at NMITE.