Paying Your Fees

You don't need to pay your tuition fees until after you are fully enrolled as a student at NMITE.  The Finance Department will remind you when your fees are due by notifying you and issuing an invoice.

If you are registered with the Student Loans Company and in receipt of a student loan from them, NMITE will have collected this information as part of your enrolment process and will collect your fees directly from the Company. If you are a self-financing student, or a sponsored student, you must arrange to pay your fees independently.

When to pay

If you are paying your fees independently we will start invoicing for tuition fees and any costs approximately 30 days prior to the date which has been communicated to you as your official start date at NMITE. Subsequent fee payments will be sent approximately 30 days before due date, and notification will be sent to you that an invoice has been generated. You will be billed separately by your accommodation provider under the terms in your rental/housing agreement.

How to pay

Your invoice will be sent to you at your registered address. Once you have received your invoice, you or a third party can:

  • Pay in full, following payment instructions on the invoice, using bank transfer (speak to the Finance office for details).
  • Set up an instalment payment programme by speaking with the Finance Office directly. If you choose to pay in instalments you need to make sure you know when the payment dates are so that you do not fall into arrears. 

The Finance Office is available to help, and can be reached by e-mail.

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