Get ready for a buzzing skills observatory - a testbed for innovation; a growth hub for enterprise; and a space for developing specialist expertise. The Skills Hub will equip you and our region with advanced skills that promise a prosperous future. 

Backed by over £2 million in capital funding from the Government’s Towns Fund, the Future of Work Skills Hub (Skills Hub) will be located at our Blackfriars campus in the heart of Hereford. 

It’s a core element of the broader Stronger Hereford programme – an exciting initiative firmly focused on making Hereford a better place to live, learn, work and visit. 

James Newby, Chief Executive of NMITE, sitting at a table

 By helping new entrepreneurs get started, raising the aspirations of young people and adults, and supporting the creation of new jobs in the local area, the Skills Hub will introduce new engines of economic growth.

James Newby, President and Chief Executive, NMITE

    Transforming social mobility

    Herefordshire is a cold spot in the social mobility index, with wages and qualification levels below the national average. 

    Small businesses feel hampered by the lack of appropriate skills, and vacancies are hard to fill. Industry 4.0 - the fourth and current industrial revolution characterised by smart tech, data and automation - means this will become even more challenging. 

    That’s why we’re taking action now, addressing this chronic skills shortage - embedding cutting-edge capabilities, opening up new perspectives and preparing Herefordshire’s professionals to thrive in this fast-evolving world.   

    If you're keen to get involved as a business or individual, or to discover more, simply get in touch.

    A Skills Hub designed for you

    NMITE students working on their water resistance module

    An immersive experience

    Be inspired through immersive technologies, visualising future scenarios and making business decisions. Get hands-on in cutting edge manufacturing facilities to develop physical prototypes.  


    A diverse portfolio of activities

    Explore future-forward areas such as simulation, prototyping and ideas testing. Enjoy a specialist portfolio of activities, designed to meet the precise skills needs of your business and the region.  

    Academics and students working together at NMITE

    Open for businesses and individuals

    The Skills Hub will support individuals and businesses to embrace skills for the future. Resident? School leaver? University student? Business? Veteran? Mid-career shifter? We’re open to all.   

    A male and female looking at a PC screen

    Designed to advance careers

    Programmes will be shaped by local employers to ensure the skills you develop meet their needs. We’ll also help learners to match themselves with the right career opportunities and pathways. 

    A brighter future

    Building on our work to date in the region, the Skills Hub takes us a step forward in fulfilling our ambitious vision: To deliver lasting impact as we contribute to the civic life of the county, and our programmes will provide new opportunities for enhanced learning, career development and upskilling throughout the UK. 

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    Skills Hub goals

    1. Innovation

    We'll be a testbed for ideas and innovation, fuelling business growth, attracting inward investment and creating high-value jobs - aligned with industry technological developments. 

    2. Entrepreneurship

    We'll increase the number of start-ups and scale-ups contributing to Hereford’s economy and increase the number of individuals with relevant skills for changing markets. 

    3. Skills

    We'll meet digital and fundamental workforce skills gaps, including preparing individuals to enter the world of work, as well as digital, creative, low carbon, and circular economy skills. 

    4. Partnerships

    We'll work closely with local partners and regional stakeholders to develop knowledge transfer partnerships and deliver exactly what the region and broader UK needs. 

    Located in the centre of Hereford city

    The NMITE Skills Hub will be purposely built, based at our Blackfriars campus in the heart of Hereford city - providing easy access for all.

    Hereford old bridge over the rive wye, The cathedral is in the background and the sky is a bright shade of blue
    Hereford City - home of The Skills Hub

    Get involved

    If you would like to get involved, as a business, learner or community member, simply get in touch with us today. 

    NMITE is a pioneering new model of skills-based education, which has the potential to both regenerate Herefordshire and the Marches, and to provide a template for new specialist HE institutions across the UK.

    Nadhim Zahawi, former Education Secretary


      Develop the skills you need to meet industry’s most pressing challenges, with our practical engineering, manufacturing, enterprise and leadership training. Be taught by savvy industry professionals, using cutting-edge technologies – to grow your business and enhance your career. 

      NMITE Springboard students and course leader