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MEng Integrated Engineering 

What is it?

Undergraduate Master's = An Undergraduate Master's Degree, or Integrated Master's degree, combines Undergraduate and Postgraduate study. This means that you do not have to reapply for a second degree after you've completed your Bachelor's.
Integrated = with various parts or aspects linked or coordinated. Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one.
Engineering = to take an idea from conception to creation. An engineer designs with purpose in mind, to fulfil a need, considering aesthetic, function and impact. To engineer is to work artfully to bring something about

Where it all started! Originally designed to meet the engineering demands of the 21st century, developed with engineers from industry and created in collaboration with students, NMITE's MEng degree will see you immersed in design and innovation. You'll discover the why, what and how of engineering, all whilst harnessing and perfecting the practical skills needed to make your impact. Tried, tested and delivered in the context of real-world challenges, you'll gain the hands-on experience you need to succeed as an engineer, all whilst developing the specialist and multi-faceted knowledge required to take on, and help solve, the problems that matter to you. 

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NMITE Students
NMITE Centre for Advanced Timber Technology

BSC (Hons) Sustainable Built Environment

What is it?

BSc - Bachelors of Science - A degree awarded by a Higher Education Institution or University to a person who has completed their undergraduate studies
Sustainable Built Environment - this degree embodies NMITE’s commitment to sustainable development, and will enable you to directly enter the work place or pursue further postgraduate qualifications, including various MSc pathways.

NMITE's BSc Sustainable Built Environment programme will be the first full degree offering from NMITE’s state of the art Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT). Housed in a purpose built campus in the heart of Hereford's Enterprise zone. This future-driven campus showcases the most advanced and sustainable design and construction methods available. The programme itself has been designed to help educate a new generation of construction professionals and enable them to create a more sustainable future. NMITE is committed to sustainable development, we know it's a topic of global importance, and one of interest to current and future generations - and we know it's of importance to you. 

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NMITE Centre for Advanced Timber Technology
NMITE Students

Foundation Year Option

What is it?

Foundation Years at NMITE are integrated into all our degree courses. If you didn’t get the A-Level results you were hoping for, are thinking of a change in career, or if you did not follow traditional routes into Higher Education, then starting your studies with a Foundation Year may be the right choice for you. You'll develop the key transferable skills and subject-specific knowledge needed to continue into one of NMITE's technical degree courses - and better still, you'll still have the potential to complete your studies faster than many other traditional institutions, and be work-ready too!

Find out more about our Foundation Year options, and associated courses. 

NMITE Students


We’re bringing together a different, broader, more diverse pool of people to study the amazing field of engineering at NMITE, and we want your application process to be as simple as possible.

To help make sure NMITE is right for you, our admissions process is about getting to know you and making sure you have the opportunity to get to know us. The first question to ask yourself: Am I curious? Engineers are by nature problem solvers, and if you’re one, we want to get to know you. If you’ve got passion and grit, that’s even better.

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NMITE was designed to meet the engineering demands of the 21st Century

At NMITE, you'll collaborate with many of our partners in industry. 

We are shaping  the way today’s engineers are educated to meet future challenges.

We are preparing graduate engineers to be mindful, practical, socially and economically aware, and purpose driven. 

NMITE Engineers, are set to be like no other engineering graduates. They’re work ready, challenge ready, team ready, life ready

*Subject to validation and NDAPs (New Degree Awarding Powers) 

What does it mean?

All new NMITE courses go through a rigorous approval process by our internal academic governance – this process is known as ‘validation’. This is a standard process in higher education institutions, where courses can be advertised after initial approval, with confirmation of the final full course description, description of the modules to be studied and programme documentation to be given in advance of the start date of the programme.

NMITE is also in the process of applying for new degree awarding powers ('NDAPs'), and if successful, it will be able to grant its own awards. This programme is being offered subject to achieving NDAPs and approval by NMITE's internal processes, or through validation by an external Validation Partner.

In the unlikely event that course does not go ahead you will be informed by NMITE as soon as possible. Advice and assistance will be provided to those who have been offered a place to find a suitable alternative course either at NMITE or with another provider.

The reason we advertise courses that are ‘Subject to Validation and NDAPs’ is to give you as much choice as possible when deciding on the right course to apply for, and to hopefully give you the opportunity to start your higher education on the right course for you, at the earliest opportunity.

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