Living expenses cover everything you will need to pay for, other than tuition fees. The amount you spend will depend upon your lifestyle choices

Most students spend £9,000 to £15,000 each year on living expenses including accommodation. Here’s a very general breakdown of average costs.


Average costs

  • Room in NMITE approved accommodation: From £140 - £145 per week for a single, self-catered, en-suite room (annual tenancy agreement with NMITE approved partner) including utilities.
  • Privately rented room: Privately rented accommodation costs vary widely throughout Hereford and the surrounding communities.  NMITE Student Support will be able to point you to various resources should you be looking for private rental accommodation.

Actual costs will vary widely depending on the type of accommodation you choose. Find out more by contacting Student Services.



Average costs

  • Approximately £2,200 for a 46-week academic year if you are self-catered or renting privately.

Spending £5 a day on a coffee and a sandwich could increase costs by over £1,000 per year!



Average costs

  • In a four-person shared house you'll each pay £880 - £1,300 a year for utilities. This includes electricity, gas, internet, insurance and water bills.
  • In NMITE accommodation you don't need to pay for utilities separately, they are included in accommodation fees.

Bills will vary depending on the size and condition of a house. 

Books, printing and photocopying 

Average costs

  • £400 a year.

You will need to budget for personal copies of books, printing and photocopying.

Extra costs

There are also lots of personal costs to remember in your budgeting.  Don’t forget to plan for clothes, toiletries, recreation and entertainment, mobile phone costs and your travel expenses.

You should also think about extra budget for:

  • mobile phone bills
  • birthday presents
  • travel expenses, particularly if you study a long distance from home.