NMITE is committed to creating and nurturing an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a supportive, friendly and safe learning, working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all are respected. 
We’re committed to providing fair, accessible services for all, equality of opportunity and development opportunities, wherever possible, to ensure growth in understanding and awareness of diversity.  Our approach is underpinned by equality legislation within the Equality Act 2010.
At NMITE all applicants, students, staff, partners and visitors will be:

  • Treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity 
  • Recognised for the contribution they make as individuals and valued for who they are and what they will become  
  • Supported within their studies, accommodation and/or workplace 
  • Provided with fair and equal access to programme delivery and student/staff support services 
  • Accountable for the impact of their own behaviour and actions 
  • Helped to become cognisant and aware of all those around them so that they can be good citizens of NMITE 

NMITE has a tolerant and social culture that benefits everyone and does not tolerate discrimination or unacceptable behaviour in any part of our community. Any form of discrimination, bullying and harassment is unacceptable conduct which may lead to disciplinary action under the Student Disciplinary Policy & Procedure.

NMITE has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group which oversees policies and procedures and works to national higher education best practices to ensure that our culture of inclusivity and acceptance is embedded throughout NMITE and its wider community. 

Please see more on Accessibility and Social Inclusion, Disability Services, and Faith and Reflection below. 

Accessibility and Social Inclusion

Disability Services

Faith & Reflection