Accessibility and Social Inclusion

NMITE aims to ensure that services and information are accessible to everyone. We take positive steps to create and nurture a welcoming and inclusive culture that supports choice, opportunity, achievement, and excellence; making NMITE a place where people want to work and study. Being part of NMITE also means being able to be yourself, safe in the knowledge that individuality is accepted and celebrated.

NMITE will make reasonable adjustments to learning and assessment to ensure that students with a disability are not put at a disadvantage, all materials will be provided in alternative formats where possible. Reasonable adjustments are also available for students who might not consider themselves to have a ‘disability’ but who nevertheless would benefit from additional support due to an ongoing medical or mental health condition.  

If you would like to discuss individual requirements before you join NMITE, please send your enquiry to the Admission Team who will direct your enquiry.