The NMITE Guide for Applicants

An engineering degree, but not as you know it.

NMITE is here to shake things up. To be different. To stand out from the crowd.

No lecture halls. No homework. No exams. Just small teams of students, in an engineering studio, working 9-5 on real-world challenges set by real employers. With us, you’ll learn by doing.

The most effective engineers, the ones who will become leaders and drive positive change in society, will be the ones who exemplify much more than technical competency: they will be able to communicate with multiple audiences, be passionate about making positive change, responsive to legal and business needs, and creative in a world of limited resources. They will embody social responsibility and the joy of discovery. They will be NMITE graduates.

The three-year Undergraduate Master’s

Our aim is to get you into the world of work faster and at less cost, with a course designed by students, for students.

We offer one single degree that will give you a wide range of opportunities to work directly with employers to explore and understand where you want to go in the world of engineering. A Master’s. In just three years.

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