Clearing 2024: Everything you need to know!

Apply now for Clearing 2024 - Call 01432 804 500 to apply and receive a decision within 30 minutes. 

Clearing Helpline opening times:
Monday to Friday - 9am till 5pm

Alternatively, apply through UCAS or direct to us.

Clearing 2024 is officially open, and you've probably got questions. We've put together a helpful guide to help you make sense of all things Clearing. 

Become a work-ready, world conscious engineer or built environment professional this September. With guaranteed accommodation and flexibility in our entry requirements, apply now for Clearing 2024 by simply giving us a call, or clicking below.

There's a world of information out there when it comes to Clearing. And although other universities may take a different approach, our aim is to ensure things are as simple, and as transparent as possible. 

We believe in attracting a diversity of talent to our engineering and technology degrees. After all, a multi-faceted approach to learning requires multi-faceted individuals. 

We've kept entry requirements at NMITE flexible for Clearing 2024. Our hands-on approach to learning engineering and technology directly with our employer partners enables us accept applications from a variety of backgrounds, and our Academic Skills and Knowhow (ASK) Centre has been set up to ensure you learn the maths and physics required throughout each and every module. The short of it? We'll teach you what you need to know and how to apply it to modern problem solving so that you can be career-ready by graduation. 

In our guide to NMITE Clearing, we hope we can answer some of those all important questions. 

Parent, carer or guardian? We've put some helpful information together specifically for you. 

Our Clearing Guide for Parents and Carers

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Clearing FAQ's

We've added some of our more frequently asked queries around NMITE and Clearing below. Got a question we haven't covered?

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What is clearing?

What is Clearing?

Clearing allows you to gain a place at a university, if you haven’t yet secured one.

Clearing officially opened on the 5th July 2024, and for NMITE this will continue until the end of September 2024. Clearing is a great opportunity for you if you’ve missed the conditions of your offer, or had change of heart about the university or course you want to study. There are generally many different reasons and circumstances as to why students choose a university through Clearing. 

The best thing is to be prepared! Make sure you know what grades you need for your choices before you get your results so you can make the best decision for you. It might be helpful to have a back-up plan in case you need to choose a different option, such as one of our Foundation Year options.

Who can apply through clearing?

Who can apply through Clearing?

Clearing provides an opportunity for students to apply outside of most universities application window. Though NMITE accepts direct applications throughout the year, you may wish to submit a quick application through Clearing if: 

  • you have made a UCAS undergraduate application and don't hold any offers. 
  • you are yet to make any applications to a university for this September. 
  • on A-Level results day, you did not meet the requirements of your firm or insurance choice university.
  • on results day, you have met the requirements of your firm or insurance choice university but have changed your mind about going to either of them. In which case you would need to ‘release yourself into Clearing’.
How to apply through Clearing

How to apply through Clearing

NMITE is a relatively unique education provider in that we accept direct applications, as well as those made through UCAS. You may still apply to us without an application held in UCAS at any point of the year, but during Clearing you can apply in one of the following ways:

  • Call us on 01432 804 500 (Lines open 9 - 5, Mon - Fri) to make an application over the phone and receive a decision in 30 minutes. 
  • Apply online using our quick online form with or without your UCAS Personal ID. The team will get back to you with a decision on your application as soon as possible.
  • If made an offer, you will need to add NMITE as your Clearing choice on your UCAS application. You will need the course code (found in your offer letter) and institution code (N44) to add your choice.
Why should you choose NMITE for Clearing?

Why choose NMITE for Clearing 2024?

It's a good question, and one we're happy to answer! 

  • Graduate work-ready - with our range of practical, sustainability led engineering and technology degrees 
  • Solve real problems, working on real-world projects - set in conjunction with our partner employers in every module
  • High academic contact time and 9-5 study, with your evenings and weekends free to enjoy - experience hands-on learning in small teams, without a lecture theatre in sight!
  • No traditional exams - and not a lecture theatre in sight!
  • Accelerated Study and Foundation Years available
  • Applications accepted from a variety of backgrounds - Maths or Physics at A level are not essential. We’ll make sure you know what you need to know, and how to apply it to modern problem solving!
Are all NMITE's course available through clearing?

Courses available for Clearing 2024

We have places available on:

  • BSc (Hons) Sustainable Built Environment Degree (with Foundation Year) 
  • MEng Integrated Engineering (Standard duration, Accelerated study and Foundation Year entry available)
  • BEng (Hons) Integrated Engineering (Standard duration, Fast-track study and Foundation Year entry available)

We've kept our entry requirements flexible for Clearing 2024. Unsure of your eligibility? Get in touch or call 01432 804 500 (Lines open 9 - 5, Mon - Fri) 

To view all our courses and course durations, click below. 

Can i still apply or accommodation through clearing?

Can I still apply for accommodation for September 2024?

We're pleased to be able to offer guaranteed accommodation places for all students who apply through Clearing before 23rd August 2024. NMITE's Eign Gate student accommodation building is new for September 2024 and features 71 state-of-the-art en-suite bedrooms, a city centre location and excellent communal spaces.

What happens after you've made a choice in clearing?

You've chosen NMITE, great! What happens next?

After you have chosen NMITE as your UCAS Clearing choice or accepted our offer on your direct application - we'll take it from here. We'll provide you with all the information you need to make sure everything from student finance, to accommodation, to getting kitted out and ready to join us is a breeze for you.

Our student services team will ensure you have all the support you need and you'll even have the opportunity to get to know your cohort peers prior to your enrolment. Any questions you have, we'll be more than happy to answer so the only thing you need to think about, is getting stuck into your studies! 

How can you stay updated with NMITE in clearing?

Stay updated

If you're not waiting on exam results, then it's time to make an application.

Call 01432 804 500 to apply and receive a decision within 30 minutes. 

Clearing Helpline opening times:
Monday to Friday - 9am till 5pm

Alternatively, apply through UCAS or direct to us.

If you're waiting until you've received your exam results, but would like to register your interest in NMITE then you can add your details into our simple registration form by clicking below.

Our Clearing Guide for Parents and Carers

As a parent/carer or guardian supporting a student, here are our top tips when helping someone using Clearing, both before and after results day.

Before results day

Before results day is all about getting prepared. Make sure you’re informed about what’s going on and help your child to get organised for the big day.

  • Know the process: Understanding what Clearing is all about will help you give the right support.
  • Keep your options open: We encourage you to submit a direct application to NMITE sooner rather than later, and to reach out if you have questions about our process. 
  • Talk about plan B: Make sure they know what grades they need for their choices before results are released so they can make the right decisions when exam results are published. It might be helpful to have a back-up plan in case they need to choose a different option, such as one of our Foundation Year options.
  • Talk to current students: Come along to an NMITE open day to chat to our current students and learn more about their experiences for an inside view.
  • Check how they’ll receive results: Exam results aren't shown in the UCAS application. It only shows if the application has been successful or not. Students will receive their results from their exam centre, so make sure you’re clear on the process.

When results are released

When results are released, focus on providing all the reassurance you can. Make sure you’re there to support and listen – it's the most important thing you can do.

  • Be positive and supportive: Give reassurance, stay calm, and remain positive. They don't need to rush into a decision, but we're here as soon as they're ready.
  • If they no longer want to go to their firm choice and would like to choose NMITE: If they’ve changed their mind about where they want to go, they can use the ‘Decline my place’ button in their application to release themselves into Clearing from a firm unconditional place.
  • Get in touch with us: A conversation can go a long way. Call 01432 804500 and our friendly team can help them to make the right decision and even offer them a place over the phone within 30 minutes.
  • Add their Clearing choice in their application: If they’ve been in touch with a us and secured a place, make sure they add it as their Clearing choice in their UCAS application, should they have one. They will need the course code (found in their offer letter) and institution code (N44) to add their choice.

After they’ve made their decision (welcome to NMITE!)

Once the Clearing process is over, you can still provide helpful support and advice to guide them through their next steps.

  • Help them prepare: If they've managed to get a place with us in Clearing then we'll be swiftly providing them with all the information they need, like support with accommodation, what to pack and other important enrolment information. 
  • Support mind changes: If they didn’t get a place, or decide to take a different route altogether, keep an open mind and continue to be supportive. They could be eligible for a a degree with a Foundation Year, or you could help them apply again in 2025. Our team is on hand to give them guidance on what to do to be successful in this. 

For more information on UCAS Clearing, and how to support students, click below.

NMITE students grouped together taking a photo in the studio of their mechatronics module outcome