Application Process



This is where you start becoming an NMITE Engineer!

NMITE’s unique application process involves three discreet stages. By registering and submitting your application information, you are giving consent for NMITE to process the information you provide in accordance with NMITE’s Privacy Notice for Enquirers and ApplicantsA printable Quick Guide to NMITE’s Application Process is available here

Application Stage 1: Registration and Initial Application

What you need to do:

  • Register for an account at this link directly on the NMITE website (Step 1)
  • Provide general information requested about yourself (Step 2)
  • Complete NMITE’s diversity monitoring form* (Step 3)
  • Provide early indication of your accommodation requirements (Step 4)

*Separated from your application upon request

Application Stage 2: Main Application


Once NMITE has received all of your Stage 1 information, you’ll be guided and provided with instructions to prepare and submit the following application elements:

  • A 2-minute video submission
  • Answers to two written questions
  • A short data analysis exercise

These elements should be completed on your own computer and using your own video resource (e.g., a smartphone). Instructions for how to submit these elements will be provided to you.

Application Stage 3: Selection Day

Upon successful completion of your Stage 2 MEng Application, you’ll be invited to take part in a Stage 3 Selection Day at NMITE - currently being held via an online platform. Details of the date and time for this session along with further information will be provided.

Please note: Applicants will receive written communication from the Registrar following each stage of the process, in accordance with the timescales provided in NMITE’s Admissions Policy.


NMITE Engineers

What’s an NMITE Engineer?

  • A visionary thinker able to identify and frame challenges; 
  • An innovator and problem-solver able to address challenges using creativity, judgment, imagination, and from multiple perspectives; 
  • A curious and passionate lifelong learner, interested in subjects beyond engineering and how those subjects apply to your personal, professional, and academic lives; 
  • An engaged citizen who cares about the context of your work and wants to make a difference in your community; 
  • A confident, persuasive leader able to challenge existing thinking; 
  • An articulate communicator capable of working in teams and individually on diverse tasks; 
  • A highly skilled and employable professional who can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing work environment. 

Oh, and a darn good engineer too!

NMITE Engineers