What We’re Looking For

At NMITE we look at all aspects of your application to ensure that we understand you as a whole person. So, while there are certainly “things we are looking for” as noted below, there is not a specific formula for success in the NMITE application process. We understand that every applicant is unique and can bring different valuable characteristics and experiences to the table. Therefore, we do not make decisions based on one or two factors alone. Everything we ask for in the application process is considered carefully, thoroughly, and thoughtfully, with an eye to understanding each applicant’s potential to contribute as a member of the NMITE community, as well as to grow and learn from their NMITE experience.

The Route You’ve Taken to NMITE

NMITE welcomes applicants who have followed both traditional academic routes as well as alternative employment and education pathways.

Prospective students following traditional academic routes will ordinarily be required to have Grade 6 or equivalent in GCSE English and Mathematics as well as 120 UCAS tariff points at A-Level or equivalent (such as an International Baccalaureate). A-Levels in Mathematics and Physics will not be a requirement, since these elements will be available (where appropriate and as required) to students as part of NMITE’s interdisciplinary engineering curriculum.

We seek students who work hard, enjoy learning, and who have performed to the best of their ability in rigorous courses. Performing well does not always mean getting perfect grades, either. At NMITE, we experiment frequently, make mistakes, and learn from them, so it’s OK to have a few less-than-stellar grades on your transcript if they are a true reflection of your learning and growth process. We’d rather see that you challenged yourself and tested the boundaries of your academic potential than took a conservative course load for the sake of maintaining perfect grades.

We also welcome applicants who have pursued an alternative education and/or employment route to application which may mean they don’t have traditional qualifications and exam results.  This includes individuals who may have pursued a career or apprenticeship, joined the armed forces, and/or who have applied for and received Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning.

Potential to contribute to and grow in the NMITE community

When it comes to the more personal pieces of the application, such as extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendation letters, we aren’t looking for a specific formula. We are trying to gain an understanding of who you are – what makes you tick and what you value. We’re looking for individuals who bring different valuable characteristics, skills, experiences, interests, and mindsets to the table. Our best application advice is to just be yourself. Take the time to make sure your application is a true reflection of you. We look forward to reading it!

Selection Days

At NMITE, we have a three-stage application process. After you have completed your Initial Application (Stage 1) and your MEng Application (Stage 2) we review all of the applications we have received and invite qualified applicants to move forward to the third stage of our process: to participate in a Selection Day. Selection Days provide an opportunity for the applicants to get to know NMITE in greater depth and for us to get to know the applicants above and beyond their applications.

We are confident that anyone whom we invite to a Selection Day is qualified to attend NMITE and has the potential to be a successful, contributing member of our community. Therefore, Selection Days are about learning more about you in the context of NMITE’s unique, highly collaborative setting. This information allows us to craft a cohort of incoming students that will be cohesive but diverse. After all, we are looking to create an outstanding community, not just a group of outstanding individuals!

You’ll meet and hear from faculty and interact with other applicants. There will be both evaluative components of the program, such as an interview, as well as a number of opportunities to get a real feel of what it’s like to study at NMITE. Given concerns surrounding the global pandemic, the format of our Selection Days is still evolving, yet the purpose and vibe of the day will remain true to the NMITE spirit of creativity and collaboration. After all Selection Days have been completed, the NMITE admissions team will meet again and make the final admission decisions. Candidates are then notified directly based on the admissions calendar which they will receive at the start of their application process. 

As with the application, we aren’t looking for one specific set of characteristics during the Selection Day. Our goal is to get to know you better and to see how you work in a collaborative setting, so again, the best advice is to just be you!