Assessment Board

The Assessment Board has responsibility for the integrity and quality of NMITE’s assessment marks and classifications, subject to ratification by The Open University as NMITE’s validating partner. It operates under the Academic Council and in consultation with the Academic Registrar. 

Assessment Board’s constitution: Chaired by the Chief Academic Officer. The membership of the Assessment Board will be confirmed following the first meeting of the Academic Council in October 2020. 


Terms of Reference for the Assessment Board: 

  • To internally approve marks and degree classifications and submit to the Academic Council for ratification. 
  • To ensure all marks and degree classifications are recorded accurately and securely. 
  • To ensure NMITE’s assessment regulations and those of The Open University are applied rigorously, consistently and fairly. 
  • To ensure External Examiners are provided adequate opportunity to comment on NMITE’s assessment processes, marks and degree classifications. 
  • To recommend to the Academic Council improvements and changes to the assessment regulations. 
  • To produce an annual report to External Examiners. 


Meeting dates for academic year 2020/21: 

TBA upon the confirmed start date of the Pioneer Cohort.