Extenuating Circumstances Committee

The Extenuating Circumstance Committee has responsibility for ensuring students with temporary and unexpected/unforeseen personal circumstances (e.g. illness or bereavement) that prevent them from attending and actively participating in timetabled activities for their programme of study and/or undertaking assessments as expected are treated fairly and in a manner that optimises their attainment overall whilst maintaining academic rigour. 

Extenuating Circumstances Committee’s constitution: Chaired by the Academic Registrar. The membership of the Extenuating Circumstances Committee will be confirmed following the first meeting of the Academic Council in October 2020. 


Terms of Reference for the Extenuating Circumstances Committee: 

  • To ensure the timely processing of all applications for Extenuating Circumstances to support student wellbeing. 
  • To ensure all applications for Extenuating Circumstances are considered in a fair and consistent manner. 
  • To ensure all applications for Extenuating Circumstances are accurately and securely recorded. 
  • To communicate the high-level outcomes of Extenuating Circumstance applications to the Assessment Board to ensure the accuracy of the student record. 
  • To provide regular reports to the Academic Council to show anonymised data/trends to inform action plans. 


Meeting dates for academic year 2020/21:

(assuming the start of the Pioneer Cohort in early 2021):

10th February 2021 

10th March 2021 

14th April 2021 

19th May 2021 

16th June 2021 

14th July 2021. 


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