Board of Trustees

NMITE’s Board of Trustees is the supreme governing body of the institution and carries unambiguous responsibility for overseeing NMITE's strategic direction, academic mission, and operating activities. The Board has a majority of independent lay members who are appointed on the recommendation of its Nominations & Remuneration Committee and are subject to a selection process consistent with higher education practices.

The Board is ultimately accountable for the fulfilment of the objects for which NMITE was established, which are in the long-term to establish and operate a university in Hereford, as set out in its Articles of Association and the development and implementation of the strategy required for that purpose.

The members of the Board are both directors of NMITE as a company limited by guarantee and trustees of NMITE as a registered charity. As such, they are subject to all the duties of trustees of a charity. In addition, NMITE is in receipt of public money and as such is a public body subject to the Seven Principles of Public Life and the rules and guidance published by HM Treasury for managing public money.

The Board is accountable to the Office for Students (OfS) for ensuring compliance with all of the conditions of registration and for ensuring NMITE's governing documents uphold the public interest governance principles.

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