The Partnership Advisory Group (PAG)

The Partnership Advisory Group (PAG) supports NMITE’s Board of Trustees and Academic Council, and provides input and information in its role as guardian of NMITE’s ethos, mission and values. 

The PAG includes partners who are from employers or from community organisations and focuses on NMITE’s commitment to developing our programme to address the workforce and employability needs of employers and the community development needs of Herefordshire.  

Specifically, the PAG’s remit includes:

  • Advising on aspects of NMITE’s current partnership activities as well as highlighting trends and future opportunities 
  • Ensuring that the Employer and Community led nature of NMITE remains relevant 
  • Providing input to the development of NMITE strategies in such areas as Employer Engagement, Community Engagement, Skills and Lifelong Learning, Curriculum Development, and technical and engineering trends.

Terms of Reference